On the fourth day of Christmas…

So today arrive the calling birds.  What the heck are calling birds?  I think most assume, as I did, that they are some type of ornate and beautiful song birds.  Nope.  A little digging led me to find that calling birds are just an American change in pronunciation of colly birds.  Colly birds are not ornate, not beautiful, and don’t sing.  Turns out they are just your plain old black birds.  I think I might have to let my true love know to stop delivery on those birds.

The gifts are not the same the world over.  In France on day four you might be receiving four pig’s trotters- yup, pig’s feet.  If your true love is Scottish, on day four prepare for the arrival of your grey goose.  If your gifts come from an Aussie there are a few options for day four.  Down under you might get four lyre birds, four kookaburras, or four koalas cuddling.  Not sure which of the options I’d most like to be sent, but the trotters are definitely on the bottom of the list.

2 comments on “On the fourth day of Christmas…

  1. Melinda Conner says:

    If the grey goose comes in a bottle, I’ll take that option 😉

  2. Jeremy says:

    Ah Melinda! I wonder if there is some type of libation version of the 12 days. If not, you and Suzanne should create it:)

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