On sale now!

If this looks like a cart full of gingerbread house kits, then you are, indeed, seeing correctly.  I stopped in Michael’s to buy some paint and beads for a project and stumbled upon a magnificent find!  Wilton gingerbread house kits for $2.99 each!  (The regular season price, even during the best sale, was $8.99.)  What do I need with a dozen plus houses?  This year at work we conducted our first annual (that’s right, a new tradition is born) gingerbread house contest.  In order to attract as many of my work friends as possible, I encouraged teams of participants.  We had a blast, and everyone produced magnificent houses.  Photos and more details will come in a future podcast:  Celebrating Christmas in the Workplace. 

Meanwhile, keep your eyes peeled for deep discounts on items for next year. I picked up some great scrapbooking/chipboard holiday items for under a dollar.  It’s easy to go wild with just a few bucks!

P.S. Jeremy consulted the Wilton site, and 12-month old houses are within the expiration date.  We’re good to go.

2 comments on “On sale now!

  1. Samantha Servey says:

    Nicely done Natalie!!! LOVE a great sale and the idea that we are competing again next year. Expiration date hardly matters the way we decorated! =)

  2. Tracey Cassidy says:

    Nothing beats a good sale at Michaels! I never leave that store with only the items on my list. The gingerbread contest was a hit and a new tradition!

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