Capture Christmas spirit all year

Yesterday, C.J. and I were looking for some direction.  It’s weeks after Christmas; the weather is too wet and too warm, and we were trying to make some difficult parent/son decisions.  We had hit a wall.  My mom, from the back seat of the car, presented us with a message from her daily meditations.  “Do you want to know a secret?  It’s going to happen again today!  At some point in the day, God is going to show you how much he loves you.  Somehow, he is going to send a personalized ‘love note’ meant only for you.” (This meditation comes from the January 5th meditation The Word Among Us, a subscription magazine and website linked here.)

Amazingly, within two hours, God had sent four “love notes” to us.  C.J. recognized them first, and the recognition alone was a positive force.  The rest of the day was up, up and more up.

I had been wondering what to do with the deck of cards I had made during my crazy week of Christmas card recycling.  There is a blank side for a message, and they are stacked neatly in a tin.  I have decided that these cards will become my Christmas Spirit cards.  The next time I receive a blessing, I am going to record it.  Trouble is, I am going to run out of cards quickly, but perhaps I will make a goal to record them once or twice a week, maybe get the whole family involved? Wouldn’t it be amazing to sit down in December 2012 and enjoy a review of the blessings in our lives?  That’s the best gift of all!

I started a Christmas Spirit jar several years ago in mid-December.  (I think the tag says 2004?)  Now I realize that waiting until December to begin a spirit jar is the wrong approach.  I need to preserve the Christmas Spirit the whole year through, especially during the darkest weeks of winter.  The Happy Snowman makes a recommendation of a simple Mason or storage jar with slips of paper. (Description linked here.)  This Christmas Spirit jar could be personalized, and, once filled,  and could be given as a gift, perhaps to a grandparent filled with all the “thank you’s” for the way Grandma and Grandpa have showered love in a grandchild’s life.   The first message in my jar will be “Thank you Grandma Shirley for giving us your wisdom on a day we really needed it.”

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