Keep Christmas Present

So much of what Natalie and I have talked about focuses on how to keep Christmas alive in many ways throughout the year.  Christmas is full of many feelings and emotions- a time of so much happiness and joy!  We’ll be talking about crafts and decorations and presents and all kinds of prep for Christmas 2012.  But what about the present?  Maybe there’s a way to remind us of the present that is Christmas right now in the present.  Got it?  What I’m talking about is some type of reminder you can look at anytime to remind you of all the goodness that comes with Christmas.  As far back as I can remember my family has always kept out some little Christmas item year round.  I think I was convinced that it was an accident growing up.  You know like someone forgot to put away that little Christmas angel figurine.  With age came the realization that it was by design.  So today I keep a single item out all year-long.  It brings a smile to my face and a great feeling on those days of winter dreariness.  My little year-round Christmas item is Hickory.  Hickory is an antique Christmas elf.  He originally belonged to my grandparents and has been handed down to me.  (Yes to those of you wondering- he is the origin of my need to name all elves Hickory!)  He sits on top of the china cabinet and smiles that happy grin all year round, a great present!  Do you have any year round Christmas decorations or other items?  Snap a picture or send us a description at

One comment on “Keep Christmas Present

  1. Shirley says:

    Great suggestion. A few years ago I left an angel in every room to remind myself of the Christmas spirit and then I forgot why I did it. Thanks for reminding me.

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