Cruise in to Christmas 2012

Heard any news this week about the cruise industry?  HA!  Since every media outlet has had some type of cruise story to share, I thought the Yule Log should follow the trends.  I also received an email telling me to “Not miss out- Book today!” for my 2012 Caribbean Christmas cruise.  Really??  Well, I suppose if you plan to set sail in December, January is the time to book it.  I would imagine if you have plans to go to any resort/vacation destination for Christmas you would need to book it early to get the best spot/room/place.

Taking a big trip or traveling to a tropical locale just has never seemed like a “normal” thing to do for the holidays to me.  I’m more of the traditional type.  Christmas is spent at home, in your pajamas, in front of the fireplace, with the cold wind (and hopefully snow) blowing outside.  I think everyone should have a Christmas like in the carols and songs.  Those who know me will nor be surprised to read this.  I like my rituals and tradition.  Christmas Eve dinner?  Midnight Mass?  Yes, please!  Big bulb Christmas lights?  Peppermint flavored candy canes? Sign me up!  Boarding a plane to Mexico, a cruise ship to the Caymans, a train to Miami?  Hmm, not for me.  But it must be the thing for lots of people.  Disney and other resorts have no problem attracting huge crowds.  Some of my friends swear by Christmas with Mickey and don’t even bother with the tree and all since they won’t be home on Christmas.  Maybe travel could work.  I’m thinking a family trip AFTER Christmas would be the most change I could handle to start.  Am I missing something about the allure of holiday travel?  Please sell me on this if I’m missing out! Maybe there is a good deal to be found for a cruise.

One comment on “Cruise in to Christmas 2012

  1. Susan says:

    I agree with being at home for Christmas and heading south after! Just returned from vacation in the Keys. Seeing lights on palm trees and snow flake decorations was funny.

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