Auction treasures

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Each Tuesday, Associated Auctioneers & Appraisers holds an auction at the Howard County Fairgrounds.  The excitement starts at 3:00 p.m. and continues throughout the evening, auctioning several out-buildings worth of furniture, household items and box lots, and, inside, at 5:00 p.m., fine items and jewelry.  I drive by every week on my way home from work, and this week, I gave in to my curiosity.

After securing my bidder number, I wandered in at out of the unheated buildings.  Dressed in a skirt and thin shoes, I was hardly ready for the unyielding concrete floors.  I froze before I had a chance to bid, and it’s just as well, because in my mind, I was shelling out hundreds of dollars for curiosities.  In one box, I found an entire wooden, carved chess set, each figure 12” tall.  In another, I dug through fabric scraps and unearthed several pairs of dressmaker shears, still in their velvet-lined boxes.

In the second building, I examined more than one box of Christmas items.  One was filled with holiday embroidered fingertip towels (new or never used), linen printed Christmas napkins, and several Christmas-themed fabric placemats.  These, once washed, would have made beautiful gifts, like using the linen napkins as basket liners for gifts of muffins, cakes, or cookies.

There was an entire crate of boxed Christmas cards, including holiday-themed “Thank you” notes.  This would have sufficed for every recycled Christmas card craft I could have made in a lifetime!

There were three slender ceramic wise men, about 18 inches tall, glazed entirely in gold, and in another box, there were yellow Depression glass plates that would have been perfect for displaying homemade fudge.   One box held a tall wooden birdhouse with holly, pinecones, and a few other ornaments entwined.  A couple of dollars of crafting material from Michaels, and no one would have guessed it wasn’t purchased from a boutique store.

Sure, there was a lot of junk, no kidding, but with a little creativity, I was ready to transform a lot of it into gems.  I spent a while gazing at an entire box of 45’s, thinking about all of the up-cycling I could do with those.

My mind racing like an engine, but my feet blocks of ice, I decided to return some future Tuesday when I was better prepared to follow the auctioneer and his crowd of buyers around the room.  The problem with auctions is the seductive power of bidding.

I left, empty-handed, except for my Bidder number 285, but next time, I’m bringing Roger’s truck to haul away my treasures!

2 comments on “Auction treasures

  1. Shirley says:

    Invite me next time. I’ll try to calm you down and you can wind me up.

  2. Susan says:

    Cash only! Start tracking your 2012 spend!

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