Christmas Store??

After recovering from my Candelmas, Groundhog Day, and St. Brigid Day celebrations yesterday I was thinking about what to do for a low-key Saturday afternoon.  I thought about taking some type of Christmas exploration day trip.  Natalie has been across the state seeking Christmas goodness, and I need to catch up!  I’ve been discussing a trip over to the Hagerstown outlets for weeks with a good friend.  Hagerstown has one of the Christmas Tree Shops.  One of two in Maryland.  I’ve been in the place only once before, right at the holidays.  It had TONS of Christmas stuff, and plenty of other things too.  I’m always after a bargain and figured that this would be a good store to score some out of season goodies.  I googled the store and found my way to their website- Christmas Tree Shops.  Awesome I thought -they have a weekly flyer posted and I can easily plan which bargains I’ll pick-up.  WRONG!!!  Not a single Christmas item in the whole thing. I asked another friend about this and she matter-of-fact replied that they never have Christmas stuff this time of year.  What??  Why would a store named for Christmas not be CHristmas year round?   Looking through the flyer a second time more closely, I identified many practical bargains.  I think a forward thinker could gather up some items to use as gift, craft, or decorating ideas for the holiday season.  Nothing directly Christmas, but with a little creativity and modification it could happen.  I won’t be heading to the store this weekend but might try it another time.  Let me know- what are the best year-round Christmas Stores in Maryland?

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