Start your 2013 calendar now

This morning, Roger was inspecting Noah’s finger because Noah had a splinter.  They used the big magnifying glass and had quite a time playing with it.  I took a few pictures on my iPhone, and I was delighted with the one posted here, but will I remember this adorable photo in December?  Maybe not.  That reminded me that I already failed on my first New Year’s resolution.

Every year, sometime in late November, I get geared up to make a calendar for the family, and by December 15, I’m a frustrated mess, working against the clock to get it done.  Invariably, I don’t make it in time for free shipping, and I have to pay a ridiculous price for a single calendar or book.  Of course, I feel I must pay the price because I can’t abandon all of the hours of work.

Instead, I could set a reminder for the last day of each month.  On that day, I could upload my photos to Shutterfly into the calendar I have already started.  By December, I can quickly add the requisite Visit to Santa photo and–voila!—the calendar is finished.

My comments here are related to Shutterfly, but I know that other companies (Snapfish, WalMart, and more) offer similar services.  The beauty of Shutterfly is that the calendar dates I create, like anniversaries, birthdays, and more, can be saved and accessed for the next year’s calendar.  All of the important dates for Roger’s family are already saved into a calendar I made two years ago.  When I start the 2013 one, I don’t have to scrounge up the list.  I can just add the new babies!

Also, the online technology has developed over the years.  Now, Shutterfly offers the ability to have several photos on the picture page and smaller photos on the individual dates of the calendar pages.  Also, Shutterfly sends more coupons than there are advertisements for the presidential candidates.  I have learned to order one photo book or calendar with a 50% off coupon and free shipping and then wait for the coupon that comes a few days later offering a second calendar or photo book at a deeper discount.

So, I am re-dedicating myself to my goal.  After I finish this post, I’m going to upload this photo and a few others I took in January.  If you are new to calendar/photo programs, give yourself a chance.  It takes a little time to learn the tools, but once you have practice, it’s easy to make beautiful gifts!

P.S.  I just received a Shutterfly coupon in my in-box for Valentine discounts!

One comment on “Start your 2013 calendar now

  1. Samantha Servey says:

    So smart!! Great picture =)

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