Hallmark Cards: The Super Bowl commercials of the Christmas season

In the week before the Super Bowl XLVI, Roger and I watched a special about Super Bowl commercials and previewed some of them, including Anheuser Busch, Coca Cola, Smyth and more.  Roger was literally guffawing at the screen and was a wee bit miffed that I don’t have enough of a sense of humor to laugh, too.

At Christmas, I grew up with the Hallmark Hall of Fame Christmas specials, which began in 1951 and continued through my childhood when there weren’t more than two or three channels to choose from.  The feel-good movies included now-famous the Hallmark card commercials.   As much as Roger laughed this week, I sobbed then through the saccharin card-giving moments.  In fact, they made me cry so much that I would turn them off rather than watch.

I checked out some of the most popular Hallmark commercials on YouTube and found myself crying again!  I’ve included a link to one of the best, the 1990’s commercial where the little brother waits for his big brother to come home.  I warn you: get out the tissues!

Let us know your favorites. We’ll post them here.

One comment on “Hallmark Cards: The Super Bowl commercials of the Christmas season

  1. Shirley says:

    Yes indeed, it started the tears.

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