Poinsettia Check

Last month I shared a little about keeping and caring for your Christmas poinsettia all year round.  It seems really simple and cost smart.  Why buy new plants every year if you can keep the same and let them grow and grow?  On the 7th of each month we get an update on the care plan with a check-in on my plants.  First let’s review our care instructions.  For January and February we need to keep the plant growing as we do in December.  The challenge is to do just that- keep them growing!  It takes the basics:

Light needs to be direct.  They need lots of sun!

Heat is needed.  They like it no cooler than 65.  You have to avoid cold drafts.  This includes being near a cold window- bad news!

Water often.  They should be kept wet, but be cautious not to over water.  The damage can take a year for recovery.  If you have low humidity you will need to water daily.

I found out first hand the damage from that cold window.  I had my plants in front of a door to my back porch.  The side touching the windows took a little hit.  Bad damage!   My plants are looking a little rough but they are making it.  NEed to pluck off the dead leaves and keep the water flowing.  We keep this up until the end of March, then it will be time to start cutting back the water and shutting down the growth.  Send some pics of  your plants for show and tell in our March post on the 7th.

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