Where is the North Pole?

Santa lives there, but where exactly is the North Pole?  Geographically speaking it is located at exactly 90 degrees North latitude.  It is the point on our globe where axis comes to the surface.  It is the only place on the planet where all turns lead South.  There is no actual land located at the North Pole.  It is a large frozen mass of ocean.  No native peoples ever lived there, the closest being over 500 miles to the South in Nunavut in Canada.  Right now it is night at the North Pole.  Sunrise will come near the Spring Equinox and sunset won’t come until the Autumnal Equinox in September.  That’s right, only one single day in a whole year.  There is also no local time at the North Pole.  It doesn’t really sound like the place Santa and his elves would be making so much joy.  But of course they could all be a hidden magical part of the North Pole, or maybe one of the other North Poles.

There’s North Pole, New York.  This tiny town is in the Adirondack mountains.  They claim to have over a 90% chance of a white Christmas.  Santa’s Workshop is actually located there!  It opened in 1949 and may be one of the oldest theme parks in the United States.  You can check out all the details at their website- Santa’s Workshop.

There’s also North Pole, Alaska located just outside Fairbanks.  It is another small town.  They host the Santa Claus House- a gift shop with the world’s largest Santa Claus Statue.  Christmas is all through the town.  Streets have holiday themed names. The fire trucks are all red and the municipal vehicles, including cops, are all green and white.  Christmas is everywhere in North Pole.  They even have a professional roller derby team named the North Pole Babes in Toyland.  You can plan a trip now, just visit the town’s official site- North Pole, Alaska.

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