Christmas Places Part I

(Very brief post today- doing this on a smart phone is not wise!)

Since posting about the North Pole, and places named for the North Pole, I’ve received a number of questions and quite a few “Did you know there was a place…? ” type questions.  So I’ve been doing a good bit of researching- looking into places in the US with Christmas related names.  I can’t wait to share!  Here’s  a start.  There are five places in the US named Christmas (in Arizona, FLorida, Kentucky, Michigan, and Mississippi.  There are three named Santa Claus (in Arizona, Georgia, and Indiana).  There is only one Poinsettia Park- in Florida.  We all know of Bethlehem, but did you know there was a Bethlehem, MD?  I’ll be telling you much more about many of these places soon.  Until then try your smarts at this online quiz about holiday named places- Can you name the places with Christmas related names? 

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