Get it now, Love it later

Been thinking of some good ways to keep it simple for Christmas 2012 to share with our readers.  Lots of ideas popped into my head on the drive home tonight.  Today was a particularly warm day, even for March 1st.  With warm weather comes more weekend outings, little road-trips and eventually vacations with family or friends.  These are the perfect opportunities to get started on some simple Christmas plans.  If you and your family, significant other, best friend, or whoever do lots of fun adventures together create a history.  You might keep an adventure journal for the year and then give it as a gift at Christmas with an envelope detailing your first adventure for 2013.  If you’re not a writer, maybe collect photos from the adventures.  Place these all together in a photo memory book and on the last page include photos from the adventure not yet taken (the gift being you planning that adventure).  Another great way to keep it simple is to collect simple mementos from special trips or adventures.  Maybe buy simple Christmas ornaments from your travels.  A Christmas present them on a little tree fashioned from some trimmings from the big tree.  Imagine the happiness from your special gift recipient when they realize just what the collection of ornaments is.  I know just how great it is from receiving a similar treasure.  A few years ago our family spent a great week together at the beach.  It was the first vacation we all took together in many, many years.  That Christmas I unwrapped a simple gift and inside was a lovely ornament from the beach with a hand-written note from my mother expressing her happiness from our time together.  That gift continues to give every year when I unbox it and re-read that special note.  Try it!  Think about Christmas and giving when you are on the interstate at Easter, the boardwalk in July, or even family reunion in August.