Santa wants Oreos with milk

Today is the 100th anniversary of the Oreo cookie.  As a staple in American lunchbox, the Oreo is well-connected to Christmas and Christmas recipes.

Oreos were first introduced in 1912.  The Hydrox cookie, one I thought was a bad imitation of an Oreo, was first sold in 1908!   On the podcast, “How to Do Everything,” the hosts recommend that to enjoy the Oreo and milk, one should skewer the Oreo with a fork, gently, in the crème center so that the entire cookie can be dunked.

Looking for variety?  The double-stuffed Oreo was introduced in 1975. (My vote—epic fail.  Too much crème.)  In 1987, the fudge-covered Oreo was introduced (my vote—blah), and the Halloween Oreo was first sold in 1991.  In 1995, the Christmas or Winter Oreo was introduced with a red crème center.

There are 21 Christmas themed Oreo recipes on the Nabisco site, including Christmas Tree Cookie Ball Pops.  There’s also a wicked golden Oreo and coconut recipe.

I’m including a few of my favorites,Christmas Eve Mice and Oreo balls (with variations). Click on the highlighted links for he full recipe.   Check out the birthday celebration at Nabisco!

The bottom line is that Christmas + Oreos = Magic!

One comment on “Santa wants Oreos with milk

  1. Lets have an oreo party making mice and oreo balls. What fun! Could be a Nicole or Katy Christmas gift.

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