Poinsettia Update Time

March 2012 look at my plants

Well it’s the 7th and that means it’s time to check in on my 2011 Christmas poinsettias.  Remember- these are the plants that I bought in December and am now trying to keep for next December.  I have been following the guidelines I found on-line.  Simple enough.  In February I learned the importance of NOT keeping the plants too close to the glass in the sunny location they should be placed in from January-March.  My plants took a little damage.  March is our last month to continue with the same process.  Order of business for this month is more light, more water, and continue with the humidity.  This last month I seem to be plucking more and more dead leaves off the plants.  They aren’t looking all that great but they are continuing to sprout new leaves and grow.  Looking a little spindly but living!  I’m looking forward to April when I get to start drying them out and moving them to colder, darker locations in my house. This week has brought unseasonably warm weather to us here in Maryland.  Since it’s supposed to be 70 tomorrow I have started to wonder about planting actual poinsettia plants in a garden.  Would that be possible?  Turns out it is not recommended for our region in the US but there are LOTS of guidelines out there if you live in the right area.  Check out the guide from GardenHelper.com if you want to plant your own- Poinsettias in the Garden.