100th Anniversary of Girl Scouting

Juliette Gordon Lowe: The Remarkable Founder of the Girl Scouts (Viking, 2012) by Stacy A Cordery, Ph.D. is just released in time for the centennial of Girl Scouting, first established March 12, 1912. In honor of the 100th Anniversary, Girl Scouts around the world are celebrating the life of this inspriational leader and the rich traditions established by Girl Scouting in their own lives.

In honor of her birthplace, Georgia’s contribution to this year’s 2011 National Christmas Tree was an ornament celebrating Girl Scouting. Savannah, Georgia is the home of the Juliette Gordon Lowe Birthplace, a museum that is open year-round but advertises that it is especially beautiful in the holiday season, when the Victorian home is decorated for Christmas, and visitors can learn about Victorian Christmas customs.

Girl Scouting was a formative part of my upbringing, and I can remember my mom’s efforts as Cookie Chairperson and summers at Girl Scout camp at Brighton Dam where we sang nonsense songs.  (See this link for a Girl Scout version of the 12 Days of Christmas.) If you have a Girl Scout in your life, you might want to consider gifts in honor of this special year. In addition to the the new biography, there are several books that are appropriate for different ages that might make nice presents.  The Central and Southern New Jersey Council advertises several 100th anniversary Christmas ornaments.