Santa- Ultimate Leader?

I wanted to get back to our more random bag of blog posts this week after about a month of themed posts.  I had some good ideas in my files and even got a great new idea from one of our readers, Liam.  All of these will be used but didn’t seem what I wanted for today.  So I asked for some help from our intern, Hildy.  Her response was “All you’ve been talking about is leadership lately, can’t you find something with that?”. Hildy hit it right on again!  She is the true secret to the Yule Log success.  In the next 10 days I will be facilitating a leadership training day and attending a 3-day leadership conference.  So what leadership lessons can be learned from Christmas?  Plenty!

Digging through my shelf of books I remembered I had The Leadership Secrets of Santa Claus.  This little gem is published by the Walk the Talk Company, focused on leadership and values-based business practices.  The sub-title reads “How to get big things done in YOUR ‘workshop’… all year long”.  Intriguing right?  I mean Santa runs a world-wide business with billions of customers all wanting basically the same things, on the same delivery schedule, and with little support.  Santa is the ultimate successful CEO, eat your heart our Lee Iacocca.  Santa has devoted followers and thousands of imitators- a true sign of admiration.  What are the secrets to his success?  The book reveals them in 8 “gifts” to the reader.  Simple guidelines to steer you and your organization to inevitable success.  Each “gift” has a chapter outlining the secret with three ideas to summarize the meaning.  The eight gifts are:

  1. Build a Wonderful Workshop.
  2. Choose Your Reindeer Wisely.
  3. Make a List and Check It Twice.
  4. Listen to the Elves.
  5. Get Beyond the Red Wagons.
  6. Share the Milk and Cookies.
  7. Find Out Who’s Naughty and Nice.
  8. Be Good for Goodness Sake.

You can order books, workshop kits, and more from the Walk the Talk website.  Maybe this is just the hook you need for your next corporate or business professional development series!  If you’re not quite up for books, workshops, and training seminars no worries there is a link for you too.  Santa has also posted a short video outlining his leadership secrets on YouTube.  What do you think?  Does Santa hold the secrets for true business success?  Post your thoughts for all to see!