Santa Claus, CEO!

I’ve been getting a good bit of feedback after my last post on the leadership secrets of Santa Claus.  Seems like people like what Santa does as a businessman, so I did a little more research into the corporate lessons that Santa has to offer.  There are more than you might expect.  There are many articles and posts all detailing lessons Santa’s followers have to offer.  There are lessons about management, ideas about motivation, thoughts on marketing, and more.  All credited to the example set by Big Red.

There’s another book and workshop series dedicated to Santa.  Santa, CEO by David Soulby combines the business of Santa and Christmas in a satirical tale of corporate credit and profit at all cost decisions.  There are companion workbooks and web-based helps to guide the reader to learning Santa’s way.  Check out the site and find out more- Santa, CEO.

If you find yourself still doubting the draw of St. Nick as a business icon, even Forbes magazine credits his skills.  They rank some of the titans of industry as Santa disciples.  Industry giants like Steve Jobs and Dave Thomas are compared to the success of Jolly Old Nick.  Read all the details in the article Lead Like the Best CEO Ever: Santa Claus.