The Charred Underbelly of the Yule Log?

If you saw me this afternoon, I was outside mulching in an orange stocking cap, with my earphones plugged in.  I could mulch for hours if I’m listening to a good book.  My current favorite is The Dog Says How by Kevin Kling.  I chose it for the catchy title and the brief description of the author as an award-winning storyteller from Minnesota.

Little did I know that the series of short stories deals largely with Christmas and his memories of his childhood.  My favorite takes his family through Iowa on Christmas Eve to have Christmas at his grandmother’s house. None of the punch lines, typed here, would have the same ring, but when I’m listening, I’m  imagining myself at the dinner table with my siblings. Kling and I grew up at the same time, so his autobiographical stories and love of Spaghettios sound like my childhood.

I looked into checking out other books by this author and found that his most recent is Holiday Inn, a series of stories about a year’s worth of holidays.  Then, I discovered we are really kindred spirits.  His stage show is titled: Tales from the Charred Underbelly of the Yule Log.  I’m not kidding.  Has anyone seen this guy in a live performance?  He talks too fast, and I keep mentally urging him to slow down, but now I’m hooked!

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