Poinsettia Time

Well it’s the 7th of the month and that means it’s time to check the progress of our 2011 poinsettia.  I have been diligent with my care and progress with mine.  Being out-of-town for the last week presented some problems.  The temperature was a little lower that I thought it would be and the plants took a little turn for the worse.  Hopefully I can perk them back up in the next few days and get back on track.

Here’s the April plan:  now is the time to start decreasing the water intake.  The challenge is to cut the water back but not allow the stems to get shriveled.  That’s a sign the plant is dying.  After about two weeks of this drying it’s time to move it into a cool, not cold, place.  Most likely you would use your basement or garage.  The temperature should be about 60 degrees.  Keep up the dry watering process and the darkness for about a month.  In mid-May we start to cut the plant back.  Anyone have photos of their 2011 plants to share?