Santa: The clothes make the man

Recently, I proposed to Jeremy that we go to Santa school or maybe we search for an opportunity to join a couple thousand Santas in a record-setting effort.  Either way, we’re going to need Santa suits.

I did some research, and I decided that we probably don’t need the professional Santa suit because we are not going to wear them on the job.  We can get a decent occasional-wear suit for less than $100.00.   For an orientation, I found a great Santa Suit buying guide at

However, if I were going for the works, I’d order my suit from Adele’s of Hollywood.  They advertise that they provide suits for movies and other commercial events.  I am torn between the suit with the majestic robe or the Coca-Cola suit.  Either way, I’m looking at a hefty $600.00.  Adele’s also features under clothes, like green holly print vests.

Since I am a woman, I’m going to need a custom suit.  Pierre’s Costumes has really cool, Victorian-type Santa costumes.  If I want exactly the right suit, I’m going to need to shell out about $1,000.  On this website, there were photos of a woman in a pink Santa suit.  Even though I dream about pink aluminum trees, the pink suit doesn’t say “genuine” Santa Claus in my mind.

According to Slate Magazine, a professional Santa, with a genuine beard can earn upwards of $10,000 in a season.  The investment in a good suit is imperative.  If I were a working Santa, I’d need a change of clothes, right?  I wonder if these suits are dry-clean only?

I went back to Santaexpress to check out the Mrs. Claus suits.  “No Perky Pixie Ms. Santa Suits” for me.  I’m partial to the “Velvet Mrs. Santa Suit” (pictured here) that’s more dignified.  Should I ask my sons for a $179.00-dollar Mother’s Day present?  If Roger joins me in my quest, I am going to get his suit from Costume Discounters for $299.00.  They advertise one with velvet overalls!