Yard sale season opens today!

There must be some unspoken rule that the first weekend after Easter is the start of yard sale season.  In addition to the deafening roar of every busy lawn tractor, the weather today was perfect for garage sales.

When my children were younger and I wanted to stop at a yard sale, I used to tell the boys that the car was out of my control, veering on its own toward a lawn full of useless stuff.  Auctions are my favorite, but a yard sale, for me, is like the therapy of shoe shopping for other women.

I spent part of the day browsing over someone else’s Christmas leftovers.  The formula for most yard sales is one quarter old tools and household appliances that may or may not work, one quarter children’s clothing, one quarter old books and miscellaneous stuff, and one quarter old Christmas decorations.  It’s hard to believe how much we squirrel away—and how much I am willing to squirrel away other people’s gently used stuff.

I don’t think I’d ever buy Christmas lights–one woman had a tangled mess in a large cardboard box for 50 cents—because I haven’t figured out the secret of getting the string to light and stay lit with any consistency,  even when it’s fresh out of the box.

I avoid wreaths and other dried holiday arrangements.  They are prone to looking dry and brittle, and I have enough of my own dry and brittle arrangements in need of a fix.

I like vintage holiday tablecloths and unusual glass items that I can use for gift giving, especially if I perfect the shortbread cookies (see yesterday’s post). Today, I hovered over a family of carolers with electric candles but settled for a Hallmark trivet still in the packaging.  Total expense: $1.00.

No sign of those Christmas books by Susan Waggoner, but I’ve got the whole yard sale season.  I’m just getting started!