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Last post I focused on St. Nick’s companion the Belsnickle.  Turns out there is a little more to this story (thanks to some readers for sharing).  The Belsnickle is also a type of American craft item.  The Belsnickle is an old world Santa Claus figurine crafted from papier mache.  They are of German origin and date to the early 20th century.  Originals from the period are very rare and can be quite expensive.  Here’s one found on Pink Belsnickle.  Today you can easily find affordable recreations.  These Santas are popular with the craft crowd and the technique is used to make snowmen, reindeer, and even Easter bunnies.  I will be looking more closely into these crafty creations (maybe Natalie and I will make some).  Check out how a woman transformed her life when she discovered these figurines and how to make them.  Linda Lindquist Baldwin randomly found a book at a yard sale and 25 years later is one of the most well-know makers of the art.  You really can discover greatness at a yard sale!

One comment on “More on Belsnickle

  1. Natalie says:

    I agree that this item, popular with the “craft crowd” is a must do for the season. I just bought a bottle of Santa Red paint. Bring it on.

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