Christmas Shoes wins Worst Song Ever Contest

I received plenty of feedback after I posted that John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s Christmas song is my least favorite.  These loyal readers chose “The Christmas Shoes” as the worst song ever, and I have to agree.

“The Christmas Shoes” was released in 2000 by a Christian group called NewSong.  Jeremy will tell you my music limitations could be a year-long blog alone, but I have never  heard of NewSong.  Surprise!  Am I the only one in the dark?

According to the NewSong website, this Christian group continues to record and tour and has had 20 #1 radio singles, a Grammy Award nomination and more.

“The Christmas Shoes”  launched a commercial enterprise that rivals Disney’s marketing. There is a New York Times best-selling series of novels by Donna VanLiere and a television movie in 2002.  A second movie, The Christmas Blessing was the most-watched television movie in 2005, and a third movie, The Christmas Hope aired this past season.

The annual Winter Jam tour at Christmas features NewSong and several other artists, drawing thousands to their ticketless events.

That one horrible song has spawned an empire of sentimental media.  Someone must like the music.

However, in December 2011, officially ordained “The Christmas Shoes” as the worst Christmas song ever, using a bracket-style elimination. I’ll stick with their assessment; although, I don’t agree with many of their other picks.

Has anyone seen this group in concert, and should I revise my opinion?

One comment on “Christmas Shoes wins Worst Song Ever Contest

  1. James says:

    Just want to leave this here for the enjoyment of the authors. If wonder if, before treating O Holy Night so kindly in their bracket, listened to this version:

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