Sweatin’ to the Jingle Bells?

With the warm weather and the prospect of summer around the corner, the lunchroom chatter this week is all about bathing suit season, workouts, running, half marathons, and sweat (implied).  One friend is starting Insanity Fitness, and I offered to join her until I saw a YouTube video of the workout.  Agh! I’m struggling with spring and my “bowl full of jelly” physique.  All this fitness talk is making me lose my holiday cheer.

Then Jeremy chimes in yesterday with the suggestion that I might like the John Lennon/Yoko Ono Christmas staple “Happy X-Mas (War Is Over)”  if I listen to it on the iTunes Cardio Christmas Workout Mix (Track 6).  I checked it out.  In terms of the song itself, much improved!  In terms of the overall stimulation of 19 techno/speedy/anxiety producing Christmas workout songs?  I don’t think so. . .

I sampled the tunes, and they are great. I was completely surprised . . .and confused. The artists are mostly “Paulette” and “Starlet.”  What does this mean?  Are these real singers?  DJ’s?

If you need a cool, snowy music mix to raise your heartbeat, build muscle, shed pounds, this is it!  For me, it sounds a lot like video game music.  I never got past the little penguin sliding down the ramp at the beginning of Mario Brothers.  He kept sliding off the chute and I was done.

When I did a little search, I discovered there is an entire genre of Christmas workout music.  Put Santa on the treadmill, and he wouldn’t have to repeat tracks for days!

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