Poinsettia Update

My 2011 poinsettias- May 2012.

Hopefully you remember my quest to keep 2011’s poinsettia plants for Christmas 2012.  I have been carefully following the suggested care ideas each month.  April meant drying the plants out and keeping them cool.  Mine definitely have dried and look rather pathetic.  To be honest, they look like they are ready to be thrown out!  But I will stick to the plan and see if we can keep them going.

May is when the plan gets a little more complex.  Sometime in the middle of the month, I’m thinking next week, it is time to cut.  Cut all the plants back to about 4 inches.  Then take them and repot in a larger pot with new potting soil.  Put the plants in the brightest window you have and keep the temperature around 70, give or take 5 degrees.  Bring back the water and keep the plants damp.  As soon as you notice some new growth it’s time to start using a fertilizer- just follow the directions on the container.  Keep this up until June and then we’ll talk about moving the plants outside.  (Anyone else starting to agree it is WAY easier to just buy new ones on Black Friday at Lowe’s for 99 cents?)

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