Rites of Summer (and Christmas)

Each year, we keep our Christmas tree up long past most other families do.  When we take it down, close to Valentine’s Day,  admittedly, the needles are tinder dry.  In fact, when Roger and I met in March 2008, our first conversation involved me criticizing him for keeping his Christmas tree up until spring.

We burned his Christmas tree sometime close to the Summer Solstice. I thought it was a little odd at the time; now, five years later, it wouldn’t have it any other way.

What do you do to commemorate the season passing and the new one just months away?

One comment on “Rites of Summer (and Christmas)

  1. Roger says:

    It used to be to mark the Vernal Equinox. Somehow, though, it’s slipped toward the Solstice. In any event, it only seems fitting that a tree that gives its life should be valued for more than a week or two at Christmas. And what a display its burning makes!

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