Jar Check!

Tonight was the first Friday night of my summer schedule.  I spent lots of time today straightening things, clearing “to-do” piles, and emptying drawers.  Through all of these activities I continually found evidence of Christmas.  A bow saved to use for a gift, A card kept out with a special thought, ribbon, tiny ornament, a list of ideas, etc.  I decided to move all these things to one basket.  I suggest you start a basket or some type of bin to put all your Christmas “stuff” in as you move through the next 5 months.  But, what I spent the most time on today was my Christmas Jar.  It was time to roll up the change and make room in the jar for more money.  If you remember we have discussed a variety of jars related to Christmas.  I have two.  The small one gets all the silver coins and will be used to donate to a person or charity at the holidays.  This will be like in the story Christmas Jar.  The other is all my pennies.  It is a large jar.  I will be using this to buy Christmas presents for family.  Today was the day to count the silver.  I was surprised how much was there.  $186.40!! It has been so easy to collect for this jar.  Every time I come into the house I empty my pockets into the jar- no big deal.  This money has been from the last 5 months.  If it collects at the same rate there will be a nice amount of money to surprise a person with come December.  I hope you have been busy with your jars too.  Natalie will have to let us know how her $5 bill campaign is progressing.  I am sure that she has my total beat!