Collectible #4- Holiday Barbie Series

Original 1988 Happy Holiday Barbie

Continuing on the topic of collectibles, I thought I must include one of the perennial favorites, Mattel’s Barbie.  Barbie has been around for a long time, but she has only had a Christmas line for the last 25 years.  In 1988 Mattel created the Happy Holiday Barbie.  The marketers imagined her as a must-have holiday gift for ever little girl.  Little did they expect that many, thousands actually, happy adults also wished to snatch her up as a collectible.  Supply did not meet demand and a new “market” was born.  She is now known as the first collectible Barbie.  Mattel altered the design model and create the new Happy Holiday Barbie collectible series.  That original Happy Holiday Barbie can still be found on eBay and other online sites with prices varied between $80 and $375.  The series stayed as the Happy Holiday Barbie through 1998.  In 1999 the series changed and the dolls took on new monikers each holiday season.  In 1999 we met the Millenium Princess Barbie.  She was available in traditional style, African-American, and as a brunette, named Teresa.  The next 12 years added many titles and names for the annual doll.  Designer gowns made of luxurious and varied fabrics and colors became part of the draw to collectors.  Special accessories and boxes became part of the holiday design too.  The year 2012 brings the 25th version of the holiday Barbie.  She returns to a Christmas red dress and will be known as simply Holiday Barbie.  The cost for this doll will be just under $50!

2012 Holiday Barbie


If you are looking for other (and more affordable) ways to make Barbie part of your holiday collecting you’re set too.  There is a second series of holiday dolls known as the Holiday Grocery Store Barbies.  These are much more affordable and simple pink box dolls (pink box is some type of denotation for level of the doll that I’m not sure I understand).  These dolls began in 1993 and buyers are urged to collect them all and use them to help decorate for the season.  1993 also was the year Mattel began selling Barbie ornaments.  These ornaments are an annual must have for the collector since the offerings are always for that year only.  There have been more than 100 designs in the ornament collection over the years.  If you are like some lovers of all things Barbie you might be inspired to create a Barbie Christmas tree to showcase all your ornaments!

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