Sand Santa Claus

I’ve been thinking more about that Christmas Bucket List idea.  So many ideas of things to put on the list!  Don’t want to get too much into this topic without Natalie, but had to share one thought today.  We have talked numerous times about how Christmas would be in a more tropical or summer climate.  I was searching around a little online and discovered that there are many Christmas themed sand castle, or sand art, competitions and displays that happen around the world.  I think our Bucket List must include either visiting one of these locations or actually creating some marvel of our own.  We could maybe organized some large mid-Atlantic competition that would include elaborate displays with lights and motion, and charge admission that would go to charity.  If you’ve been closely following the Yule Log, please add this to our list of HUGE ideas without much chance of happening- oh well…

Check out these simple creations built on the coast in India…

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