Red, White and Blue Christmas

Happy July 4th!  As I am writing this, fireworks are exploding all around my neighborhood.  Jeremy’s ideas for a patriotic Christmas plan by buying decorations on sale now is pure genius. I remember one year when red, white and blue were all the rage–1976 stands out in my mind because the Bicentennial celebration had already inspired women to decorate their homes with red and blue decorator fabrics, so it was easy to accent at Christmas.

More recently, George and Laura Bush chose red, white and blue for their Christmas theme in 2008.  Laura Bush said the spirited theme was in response to letters from citizens.

Maybe this year, with the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812, some will get into the patriotic mood and decorate with our flag’s colors.  It does help, though, to have a white, blue or red basic palate to use as a canvass for the decorations.  I love the sharp cleanliness of white and blue or white and red.

If I can’t do red, white and blue as my house theme, I can make it the theme of my gingerbread competition this year.  I’ll be hitting the sales tomorrow!