Top Ten for My Christmas Bucket List

This week Natalie and I discussed some Christmas wishes on our podcast.  We outlined some bucket list items for the Yule Log and shared some of our own list items.  Here is my Christmas Bucket List Top Ten:

10.  Participate in a Messiah Sing-a-Long.  Even though I am not a singer, I definitely think this would be such a tremendous rush.  Doing it somewhere like Washington National Cathedral would be the best!

9.  Plant my own Christmas Trees.  I think it would be great to have a yard where I could plant some trees that I would later use as my own trees to decorate.

8.  Attend the Pageant of Peace National Tree Lighting Ceremony.  I have been to see the tree and the displays, but I have never been to the event, the one with the President of the US.

7.  A limo Christmas light tour.  I have always wanted to round up my family and go on one of these tours.  They just are so expensive!

6.  Go for a ride in an actual one horse open sleigh.  Somewhere in a snowy resort, this will happen.

5.  Take a family vacation at the holidays.  I think it would be wonderful to all go off together on a wonderful journey late on Christmas day.

4.  Rockettes & Rockefeller Center Tree.  I have been to New York City many, many times but never at Christmas.  Seeing the Holiday Spectacular followed by a walk up 5th Avenue and a visit to the tree at Rockefeller Center is a must!

3.  Build my own nativity set.  Natalie laughed at me a little when I mentioned this one, but I think this would be a great accomplishment.  Maybe it could be something to do with my nieces and nephews and then gift it to them later in life.

2.  Homemade Christmas.  I would love to have one year where every gift I give is something I have made personally.  This would be such a challenge since I would have to think of all possible gifts in advance and really make them great. Such a challenge.

1.  Midnight Mass at St. Peter’s.  I’ve already shared a lot about this dream.  My mom and I have shared viewing the television broadcast for years and I can’t even imagine how great it would be to see it in person!

There it is- some of my list.  If anyone has any suggestions or helpful hints to make it happen, PLEASE let me know:)

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