Hallmark Christmas ornament collection 2012 revealed today

Yesterday, I spied the Hallmark store window in Ellicott City advertising the Keepsake Ornament Premiere planned for July 14–only one day away!  I decided to explore the world of Hallmark collectible ornaments, so I slipped into the Eldersburg Hallmark store this afternoon.

As far as a celebration goes, I must have missed the morning rush, but there was a nice display of cookies, candy and juice.  I spend some time wandering along the wall of ornaments, grouped by theme, including a modern movie theme with an ornament of Baltimore Raven 74 Michael Oher featured in the movie, The Blind Side.  I was drawn to the wedding couple dancing, until I realized it was from Twilight teen sensation, Breaking Dawn.  There were plenty of my favorites from cartoons, including a terrific holiday Yosemite Sam.  

Many of the ornaments had sound or light.  The dog ornament might have been my major purchase of the day until I pressed the button and it played the “Jingle Bells” recording of dogs barking.  No one needs to hear than more than once.

Pepe le Pew is on a red pillow with his tail curved over his head so that he is perpetually under mistletoe.  Now that’s clever. The ornament is called:  Merry Kiss-Mas.  There’s a cool Harley Davidson motorcycle that I understand is the fourteenth in the series.  I’m not interested in motorcycles, but my son is, and this would be a perfect gift that could become a collection. There’s a whole Star Wars series!

Believe me, there is something for everyone on your Christmas list.  The prices range from $15 – $40–that’s too high a price to pay.  However, I almost joined the Keepsake Ornament Club because new membership ($25) gets two of the three membership ornaments–a $40 value.  After joining, members have access to additional members-only ornaments, like a beautiful Barbie in a black evening gown (available this weekend only).

I came away empty-handed but convinced that I could start a new ornament tradition for some of my family members.

One comment on “Hallmark Christmas ornament collection 2012 revealed today

  1. Angelita Blankship says:

    christmas ornaments that are made from aluminum and silver coated plastics are nice and i usually employ them at home.,;*::

    Kindest regards

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