24 Weeks: 24 Songs!

Natalie and I have continually come back to Christmas music as a talking point for us and the Yule Log.  We are now more than half-way through the year and have not spent nearly as much time and energy on Christmas music as I thought we would.  Time to change that!  Christmas is only 24 weeks away.  Each week I will have a focus song of the week.  We will be open to look at its origins and history, debate good and bad recorded versions, and make some decisions about its future use.  We might include sound and video clips for your feedback, ask for suggestions and ideas about the songs from you, and maybe even have Natalie sing a verse or two:)

This week’s Christmas Song of the Week is: Away in a Manger.  The song is an American carol from the mid-nineteenth century.  There are certainly hundreds of versions of this to consider and lots of variety in the song.  More this week!!