Make Your Joy

I have three pages of notes about “Away in a Manger,” and I apologize for my whining rendition on Monday’s podcast.  It’s not my favorite, but I have new-found respect after listening to about 3 hours of different YouTube renditions.  Roger asked what we talked about on the podcast, and when it wasn’t “Away in a Manger,” he said, “What did we listen to all those versions for!!!”

I will return to the annoying Christmas carol later.  On Monday, I received an invitation from Michael’s to join “Make Your Joy,” an app for organizing Christmas and inspiring Christmas crafting.  After Jeremy’s top ten bucket list, I gave some thought to his idea of making everyone’s gift.  When we were younger, my mom instituted the policy that all immediate family gifts would be hand-made, and dreaming up the hand-made part was fun.  It led to my brother making a ping-pong table (thanks to our neighbor, Doug Gasch’s help), my sister sewing a pair of jeans (I think) and my other sister making batches of fudge.  (I admit to a pretty horrible pine-cone necklace for my mom, but we won’t go there today.)

Meanwhile, inspired by Jeremy’s idea, I started to work on a Christmas gift for Jeremy.  Impatience is my downfall, and if it is multiple steps, I like to cram all of them into one laborious, curse-laced evening.  Ask C.J.  He can tell you.  That’s not really what the seasonal spirit involves.  When I registered for the “Make Your Joy” site, I liked that one question asked if I liked my crafts to be “one hour or less” or “multiple sessions.”  Hah!  Where was the choice, “already complete?”

“Make Your Joy” is a combination sweepstakes and Christmas organizer.  I registered for the website, and now I have won a chance to go to Baja California, Mexico for six nights at the Rancho Pescadero Hotel.  The better part of this prize is a one year gift of bi-weekly housecleaning by Merry Maids, 12 Massage Envy massages and a $500 Michael’s gift card.  There are monthly prizes, too.

All I have to do is participate in the website’s various features, and I am entered in the drawings.  By registering, I’m entered once.  Then, I can make a holiday to-do list for a second entry.  There are additional ways to participate, like making a Michael’s activity, looking at individual projects (a Michael’s version of Pinterest) and more.  I already have the Michael’s app because I like to have their coupons when I hit the checkout register.  I’ll be looking through the Michael’s organizer more completely the next few days, but I’m not convinced that it will be my go-to app this season unless the app comes with live demonstrations and phone calls of encouragement.

P.S.  I have paint, brushes and some patterns for tole painting a picture for my mother, but I am seized with total panic.  If anyone has experience, I’m in need of a lesson.