Building a Nativity Set

With six months to go there are so many projects to get started!  All this talk lately about our bucket lists has me itching to get started on one of my items.  I decided today to start looking into what it would take to build my own nativity set.  What options and designs are out there?  What format would I like to use?  How difficult will it be?  Guess what? There are lots and lots of people out there with the same idea!  I am no more clearly planned out for this project than when I started my hunt.  I will need many more hours to review web sites, blogs, and photos.  Just surf the over 500 comments in response to the questions on building a nativity set found on to get a rough idea.  I thought I’d share just a few of the interesting finds I made today…

Woodworkers Nativity Sheet– This site gives a basic overview and a short list of links.  If you want to make an heirloom set from wood this is a nice starting point.

Crafty Nativity Set– This blog details a crafty based display a man created for his daughter.  This one looks like lots of fun to make and would be a great gift for Christmas lovers of all ages.

Build a Children’s Nativity Set– Another crafty creation.  This is a great idea to make with the children in your family.  It is very simple and can be modified to take on different looks.  Keeping it simple is a good idea when working with the kids.  I think this might be the one that I make with my nephew this fall!

Knitivity Book– No I didn’t make a typo, it really is called Knitivity.  This is a how-to guide on making a completely knit version of the manger scene.  This one I am including especially for Natalie- I sense a challenge forming with this one 🙂

The nativity build is my new quest!  I hope to have one attempt complete by the end of summer.  If you have any experience with this activity, please let me know.  I’ll need all the guidance and advice I can muster.