Book now for Mickey?

In a previous post, Jeremy emphasized the importance of starting your planning for holiday parties and events of the 2012  Christmas season–both to relieve stress and to make sure that schedule conflicts do not arise. That point was made clear when I met with co-workers tonight to plan an important event to be held, tentatively, the first weekend in December.

First, I knew that my family has a long-standing tradition on or around December 8. Conflicts already? Second, I started to consider my energy level and ability to commit to being the organizer of an event (albeit with a large group) in the 2012 holiday season. Will I have time?  Am I really worrying about having enough time in December as early as July?

I wondered if The Yule Log was making me hyper sensitive to the holiday season. Am I crazy? (Rhetorical question.) Readers may remember that last week I reported that Hallmark revealed its holiday ornaments and Michaels craft store rolled out its program, “Make Your Joy.” Marketing has begun, and I am its victim already.

In the Manchester Evening News yesterday, the newspaper reported that bars and restaurants have rolled out their Christmas menus. According to the article, the local Hard Rock Cafe had already made 100 bookings for the holiday season.   Other restaurants also had plenty of inquiries and deposits.

Conversely, the website lists the best weeks in 2012 to visit Disney World, and the top three are the first week of December, the last week of November (after Thanksgiving) and the second week of December because the crowds are the smallest but the decorations and attractions are terrific.

My conclusion, then, is that the only place in my world where people are not going to be in super crazy holiday mode is between Thanksgiving and December 25 is Walt Disney World.  Tickets are on sale now.

I thought “Christmas in July” meant that people can take advantage of great holiday bargains in the middle of summer.  Instead, I’m stressing out about the calendar.