The Yule Log is now on Stitcher Radio

I’m excited to announce that “The Yule Log 365” is now on Stitcher Radio!  For me, that’s the “big time.”

Stitcher is the Pandora of the talk radio world.  Since May 2011, I have logged 100 hours and 49 minutes (399 episodes) of pure listening joy.  My “Favorites” stations are personalized to me, and if a stranger examined all 24 stations, he would get a snapshot of my eclectic personality. I listen to “The Moth Podcast,” “Grammar Girl,” “Stuff You Missed in History Class,” “Scientific American’s 60-Second Mind,” “Marketing Over Coffee” and much more.  These favorites are “stitched” together so that I have a constant stream of podcasts.  “The Yule Log 365” is now at the top of my favorites!  Yikes!

Founded in 2008, Stitcher Radio had been featured as a top app in PC Magazine, won a Webby Award, and it’s available on most platforms, Kindle Fire, iPhone, and more.

To add a station to my personalized list, I use the search tool; however, I rely mostly on the suggestions mailed to me weekly.  For example, since I like geeky science stuff on “60-Second Mind,” I can scroll through the Listeners Also Like and sign up for “Brain Stuff” (sponsored by  It’s easy to add a favorite and to delete it if several episodes don’t excite me after all. (Please do not delete “The Yule Log 365!”) The app uses the same thumbs up/thumbs down symbols as Pandora.

Each time I open the application, I am invited to refresh my content, so the most recent podcast is updated.  The NPR “Car Talk” Podcast updates on Saturdays, but below the current episode, there are Recent Episodes:  I can listen to Click and Clack in succession, ad nauseum, if I so choose.  If you fall behind on our Monday podcast, you can check in the recent episodes to listen to us.

The app provides free online streaming, so there’s nothing to update or download in iTunes.  I find that the advertising, which appears about as frequently as it does on Pandora, is, of course, marketed to my tastes, so the advertisements have led to exploring and  I sound like a sucker, but they’ve got me pegged.

Stitcher gives me the ability to browse Live Stations.  The Stitcher Front Page streams current stories.  The Bookmark tool can mark any place I am in a podcast, but, usually, I don’t get that technical.  Unless I refresh the content, Stitcher remembers where I was.

My favorite type of talk radio is storytelling, but there’s every category of interest.  Since I started listening to “The Moth Radio,” I’ve added favorites like the “NPR: StoryCorps” and “The Stoop Storytelling Series in Baltimore.”    Interestingly, there’s plenty of room for podcasts from the highly professional to the basement production. (Jeremy and I are still in our podcasting infancy, so it’s cool to be ranked with the professionals.) I like the idea that good content reigns supreme, and the little guy (that’s us), with the right idea, can build a following.

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