“Oh Come All Ye Faithful” and Twisted Sister


When Jeremy told me that our next Christmas song would be the beautiful “Oh Come All Ye Faithful” I was delighted. Not only do I like the song in Latin and in English, but also, I like many recorded versions, especially Nat King Cole’s 1960 recording.

Surprise! As I did my research, I watched the YouTube video of Nicki Minaj’s Grammy performance spectacle where she sings “Roman Holiday” with a supporting cast of dancers in religious costume performing inappropriate and mocking gestures. The chorus in the performance sings the opening of “Oh Come All Ye Faithful.” It was difficult to see anything positive in her portrayal of the sacred. Yuck.

Also in my quest for performances, Twisted Sister’s video was listed before many classic versions. I watched the whole video, beginning with the satire of a young couple exchanging gifts in a classic holiday living room. The band then crowded in and sang the song accompanied by heavy metal sound and depictions of the female letting her hair down and getting excited by the sacred music. While some might enjoy this version, it is not for me.

Tomorrow, I’ll revisit the song and the more traditional recorded versions. There’s a lot of interesting history about this carol, which was written and sung long before most other Christmas tunes. What recording of the song do you like?

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