Traditional O Come All You Faithful

Yesterday Natalie shared some pretty wild and crazy versions of our song of the week.  Being here amongst the tradition and the formal and proper feel of London, I had to share just a couple of more traditional versions.  Please listen to them at your leisure and enjoy.  I have made an Olympic connection to each to tie-in with my trip.  Christmas is alive and well in music here on the other side of the pond,

Luciano Pavarotti– Here the classic tenor sings in Montreal with the Boys Choir.  His version of Adeste Fideles was one that my family always had planning since I was a small child.  Olympic connection:  Pavarotti performed at the Opening Ceremonies for the 2006 Torino Games and I was present for the show.  It turned out to be his last public performance before his death soon after.

St. Paul’s Cathedral– This recording features the musicians and singers from St. Paul’s Cathedral in celebration for Christmas.  It is one of the more formal and traditional versions you might come across.  Olympic Connection: St. Paul’s has been a site of special services to welcome the games and the athletes of the world three times (1908, 1948, 2012).  The Cathedral was also the setting for the 1981 Charles & Diana wedding for all you Royal watchers.

Susan Boyle– This is a recording from the famous British’s Got Talent competition reality show.  Natalie this one is for you!  (No Olympic connection)

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