Five Dollar Jar Check

During Monday’s podcast, Jeremy suggested I might want to count what I’ve collected in my $5 jar.  We’ve talked about a Christmas Jar’s purpose.  Form some, it is a charitable venture, collecting change from each day’s spending. My goal is to put aside money for holiday shopping,  collecting every $5 bill.  In fact, most times I strategically pay with a $20 to get the $5 change.  Roger doesn’t say much about my crazy ideas, but I noticed that he asked for $5 bills in change when we went for ice cream the other night.

I read that this saving strategy could pay for all of the Christmas purchases come November and December.  Frankly, I don’t know what it would be like to have a Christmas paid for completely in cash!

We were watching the Olympics tonight (and the endless swimming events), so I decided to count the contents of the jar.  Drum roll, please:  $540.  And we still have three months before I will be in full Christmas spending mode.

Very pleased.  Oh, and I found an “IOU” note in the bottom for $80, so that brings my possible total to $620.

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