Time to review the lists!

Natalie’s post yesterday about her first wrapped gift got me to thinking about my own gift preparations.  I’ve been buying some things and have a little table in my spare room where I keep them.  They are out and easily visible so I remember what I have purchased.  I decided I needed to be a little more organized in my gift planning and readiness.  Time for a list!

Lists keep us organized and can also give you a handy way to check things off to achieve a sense of progress and success.  I made a list of all the people I planned to give gifts to this Christmas.  I made it on my computer as a table and printed it out.  I set it up with a column for ideas and for purchases for each person I listed.  I also included for me a column for budget to keep me within my means and on track to not go into debt for Christmas 2012 (remember the jar and the Christmas account).  My list is focused and sensible.  The challenge is to keep to the list and stay on the plan for gifts and budget.  With the list complete I can really start to do my shopping and not do it all on the fly around December 22nd.

The gift list was a good starting point for other lists for the holidays.  I made a general to do list, an event list and a new this year list.  These are for ideas and such as the season approaches.  We all have those moments of “if I had started this sooner” each Christmas.  My personal goal is to not have a single if only moment for Christmas 2012.  Our challenge to you is to create your own lists for Christmas.  They will guide your efforts and keep you on track to make Christmas 2012 the best ever!

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