Lists and Social Networking

Tonight, I decided to explore what list-making software and apps are available to me for Christmas 2012.  Even though I love it when a bride and groom or expectant parents have easy-to-shop lists for their guests and friends, I have a hard time extending it to Christmas.  For an internet shopper, though, there’s something to be said for using one of these apps.

Amazon has a wish list feature that makes saving ideas easy.  I logged on tonight and discovered that I had three items on my wish list (I didn’t remember this at all).  One gift was for me, one for my mother, and one for my niece.  They were nice reminders. Amazon has a plug-in that makes it possible to identify wished for items from other websites.

Wishpot and Wists incorporate more of the social networking that we see on Facebook and Pinterst. Wishpot enables the user to make lists and then designate price alerts so that if the items goes on sale, there is notification for the list maker.  I just remembered that my friend’s birthday is today, and her husband shopped for her using her pins on Pinterest–one pitfall he found was that the items were expensive.   I think Pinterest is more for dreaming.

ReQuall is like a personal assistant.  It incorporates list making with due dates and deadlines, enabling reminders on the phone, computer and tablet.  It could have many uses, Christmas list-making is just one aspect.

I do like the idea of making an list of items and returning to shop for them.  I think that I would prefer to keep my list private, though, with notations of what I would like to buy, rather than enabling the list to be shared.  I think I need more experience with these apps before I can say for sure.

Does anyone else have a favorite for organizing Christmas?

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