Sew up your Christmas

I was in Joann Fabrics to buy some flannel, and the line for the cutting table was so long, that we had to take numbers.  While waiting, I thumbed through the pattern books and found an entire section on Christmas crafts–stockings, tree skirts, and costumes.  I was pleased to find a Santa pattern that featured both the modern Coca Cola style red Santa and the more traditional burgundy-colored St. Nick.  Another pattern featured all of the nativity costumes–I suppose the seamstress for a local pageant would need to get started today.  There was an additional pattern for angels.  One pattern featured all quilted crafts for a themed tree. Beautiful (and labor-intensive).

At Michael’s two days ago, right next to the pumpkins and spiders, was a large display of Christmas crafts.  I studied the clear plastic ornaments for a long time.  These are the ones that the crafter can fill with sand or other tiny objects.  I nearly purchased four or five, but I felt particularly directionless.

Speaking of directions, though, on each Christmas display, Michael’s has capitalized on their new “Make Your Joy” campaign by publishing easy step-by-step directions for most of its holiday crafts.  Nice move!

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