Back-to-School = Christmas Savings!

You’d have to be living under a rock to not notice all the sales and displays set up for the annual Back-to-School season.  Every retail store from Staples to CVS and including the big box sites of Wal-Mart and Target are targeting the needs of students and families for the return to the school routine.  If you are a savvy Christmas shopper and being prepared for all your needs these sales can be a great help.  Here at the Yule Log we see any saving and shopping season as a way to prepare for Christmas and these sales are no exception.  Check out some hints on how to shop now to support your successful Christmas efforts.

1.  Buy extra school supplies to use as gifts or stocking stuffers.  Small notebooks, pens, pencils, crayons, and markers make great stocking stuffers.  Kids of all ages enjoy these supplies and the prices now can’t be beat.  Desk organizers, binders, and more can be made into great gifts for family and friends.

2.  Get some tape, glue, and scissors.  Buy these supplies cheap now to help with all your wrapping needs.  Safety scissors are a great get for the younger helpers and I have found there is no such thing as too much tape!

3.  Stock up for crafting.  All kinds of school items can help with your craft projects.  Consider brown lunch bags, sandwich bags, felt, glitter, stickers, poster paint, and more.  If you’ve been doing a good job planning your craft projects you should have a list ready to go.

4.  Bags and Packs.  Time to buy back packs, computer bags, and lunch boxes to use as gifts for the holidays.  Take advantage of sales to get these items now.  You might be able to find these even cheaper at clearance sales once school starts.

5.  Scoop up tax-free clothes.  Maryland and other states offer those tax-free clothing purchase days now.  Buy some gifts and hide them away until Christmas.  Maryland’s tax-free window begins tomorrow, August 12th and runs through the 18th.

Time is running out to get prepared for Christmas.  Avoid the rush and the high costs and take care of things early!

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