Narrowing Tree Ideas- I SPY!

One of the leading ideas for our Festival of Trees entry came from a side comment while discussing other ideas.  This new idea is centered on creating the same excitement and fun found in the I Spy series of books.  To gain a little inspiration I have been closely studying my copy of I Spy Christmas: A Book of Picture Riddles.  There are such great rhymes and pictures in this collection.  Check out this little blurb about how the photographer, Walter Wick, creates his magic- Behind the Scenes.  While doing some reading into the background of the book I found that there are many more Christmas books from the I SPY writers.  For beginning readers there are three choices: I Spy Candy Cane, I Spy Santa Claus, and I Spy Merry Christmas.   There is a choice for work on phonics, I Spy Christmas Tree, and even a board book, I Spy Little Christmas. After a little work today, I am even more excited about this possibility for our tree entry.  I am so inspired that I am going to start the search for items for the tree tomorrow.  My plan is to hit up any possible yard sales and maybe a couple of second-hand/consignment shops.  What’s on the search list, you ask?  Here are some of the highlights:  unique glass ornaments, ornament with a feather, tiny fake trees, silver bells, plastic reindeer, tiny drums, tiny tools, pinecones, doll sized mittens, ladybug, unique ribbon, small toys, and some cool tiny Santas.  Any ideas you might have for unique finds to put on our tree, just let us know.  We would LOVE some good ideas!


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