Spirit wear for the spirited season

All of my friends’ children and two of my own are headed back to college this week.  Facebook is buzzing with photos of dorm life and new classes.  Now is the time to stock up on college spirit wear for holiday gift giving.

The college bookstores are bulking up on spirit wear and unique items to offset the fact that they are struggling to compete with online book sellers and textbook rentals. (Read this article in Publisher’s Weekly.) Often, the stores on campus offer a “move in” deal of a t-shirt and baseball cap  in a two-for-one deal.  Also, another route is to shop at discount stores near the college campus–Walmart, Kohl’s and Target to pick up college apparel and accessories including towels, waste baskets, and office supplies with the desired logo.

I remember a dozen years ago when anything with a Duke logo would satisfy my teenage son at Christmas, even socks.  I went to great lengths to find items, even contacting alumni near the campus.  Of course, shopping for these items online is easy today. I love two websites, Babyfans.com and kidsarefanstoo.com, which offer a world of infant and toddler-sized merchandise for the future fan. I even found a set of Duke crib bedding at Walmart–where was that 20 years ago?

With items purchased from college campuses and discount stores, you could create a magnificent gift basket for almost anyone on your list from parents to be to the impossible teen.

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