Candy Christmas gift


I saw this candy in a glass creation on Pinterest posted by I don’t know much about the blogger, but she has great ideas. Her three candy bouquets featured Jolly Ranchers, Tootsie Rolls, and mints. I went for the mints because they’re easy to make in red and white for the holiday season.

I made this one as a birthday gift with possible Christmas gift giving in mind.

The original suggested hot glue to fasten the candy to a styrofoam ball, but I used pearl-headed straight pins which would make re-gifting with new candy really easy.

I hope to make more of these. Except for the candy, I was able to gather all supplies at Michael’s. The total cost was wine glass ($2.99–but I could have purchased an interesting glass from a yard sale or antique shop if I had been patient), 100 pins ($3.99), styrofoam ball cut in half $.50–but I had to buy six balls in a package for $2.99), and mints ($13.00–I figure I could make at least four with the huge package I bought. The smaller package was $2.99, and that would have been enough. The red ball and ribbon were things I had at home. Let’s say that adds another $1.00. Total cost under $15.00, but with planning, I could get well under $10.00.

What other candies would look great for the holidays? How about mint balls or fireballs?


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