Secret #4 for a Perfect Christmas

Remember that on the 25th of each month we will be revealing one of our secrets for the perfect Christmas in 2012.  Today we share Secret #4- Children!

That’s right, children.  Christmas would not be possible without children.  After all it was the birth of a child that we celebrate at Christmas.  If you have children of your own you know all too well how they make the holiday better.  New parents become children themselves with the excitement of becoming Santa Claus for their little ones.  The joy and happiness of a child during the holidays is a special gift to parents and grandparents.  That gift spreads to many outside the family too.  Seeing a children’s choir perform or a Christmas pageant spark a smile in even the most hardened Scrooge.  You can also make your holiday better, and a child’s too, by giving to charitable causes like Toys for Tots.  Giving your time or donations to children at the holidays is a priceless way to share the joy of the season.  Finding a way to include children in your Christmas plans will make the season better for sure.

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