Week # 7 Song- Jingle Bell Rock

The week has flown by so quickly that we almost forgot to share the song of the week!  Last week we looked closely at 1958’s Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree.  That song was written to answer a hit from the previous year, this week’s song- Jingle Bell Rock.  The catchy favorite was penned by Joe Beal and James Boothe, although there is a little controversy about that.  Check out the film Crazy to learn more about writer Hank Garland’s claims to the song.  There is no discussion to be had over the original recording artist.  Bobby Helms recorded the song in 1957 and it became an immediate hit.  The song has rock in the title but it really leans a little more country in its sound.  Technically it is rockabilly in style taking from the early roots of rock and roll in the US.  The song has much guitar twang and groove like other songs of the time- Rock Around the Clock comes to mind.  The original version remains the most recognizable although many others have released covers of it.  Check out these samples to get a feel for the many sounds of Jingle Bell Rock:

Original Version– Helms 1957 hit. 
Amy Grant– The popular singer has a more laid-back style in her recording.
Billy Idol– Yeah, Billy Idol!  His version is worth a look-see, check it out.
Brenda Lee– Close to the original but with a female singer and sound.  
Rascal Flatts– A more modern country groove, including some big horn sound!
Disney– Mickey and pals share a sing-a-long version for the whole family.




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